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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Milton Franke, PhD


This study investigated the lift, drag and pitching moment performance of a circulation control wing in the AFIT 5-ft wind tunnel. The experimental wing model was a 20 percent thick, 8.5 percent camber, partial elliptical cross-section, single blowing slot, rectangular planform wing. The aspect ratios tested were 3.99, 3.77 and 3.75. The variables in the investigation included the slot blowing rate and model configuration. The model was modified by adding a leading edge nose droop, a trailing edge splitter plate and wing tip fences to improve flow at the leading edge, reduce separation effects, and encourage attached flow on the upper surface, respectively. Results showed increased lift due to the splitter plate at low blowing rates. The leading edge nose droop increased the stall angle of attack of the wing model as blowing was increased. The wing tip fences increased the lift coefficient at medium and high blowing rates.

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