Analysis of Factors Influencing Energy Consumption at an Air Force Base

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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management


Reducing energy consumption is a stated goal of the Department of Defense (DoD), and is also a key element of pollution prevention. DoD currently uses goals based on reducing per-square-foot facility energy consumption by a fixed percentage each year. A more realistic goal would be to specify reduction as a percentage of a predicted consumption quantity. This research attempted to identify factors which influence facility energy consumption, and then to use these factors to develop linear regression models to predict per-square-foot energy consumption at the installation level. Monthly climatic and energy consumption data was obtained for all bases located in the continental United States, and addition information was obtained for several bases regarding age and types of facilities. Analysis of variance was used to determine possible methods of dividing the bases into smaller groups, and linear regression analysis was used to model energy consumption for the subgroups. The practicality of modeling energy consumption for various groups was assessed, and possible implications of the models was discussed.

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