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Master of Science


Lean Logistics was developed in response to budget cuts, force reductions, and a new political world order. The primary objective of Lean Logistics is to minimize the total system wide costs of the Air Force organization. Currently, the Air Force is seeking to cut costs by reducing inventories, improving repair processes, and employing faster transportation where possible. The purpose of this thesis is to determine if the Air Mobility Express (AMX) current sizing plan is capable of supporting the retrograde assets generated during the sustainment portion of a war. The Dyna-METRIC version 6.4 simulation program is employed to analyze the effect of varying such parameters as flying hours and retrograde shipment time on the weight and space required to move retrograde assets. Analysis of the results was accomplished using a Small Sample Test of Hypothesis. The results indicated that the current sizing plan is capable of handling the retrograde cargo generated by four F-16C squadrons for the six scenarios evaluated. This research also hints that while the current plan is capable of supporting four F-16C squadrons, it should be increased to support the transportation of reparables for all weapon systems involved in the war effort.

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Co-authored thesis.

Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management of the Air Force Institute of Technology