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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Edward A. Pohl, PhD


The United States Air Force is currently developing an Advanced Technology Demonstrator (ATD) for the Next Generation Munitions Handling System (NGMH). The NGMH/ATD system is being designed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory as a teleoperated robotic manipulator. In this research, a reliability model for a general telerobotic manipulator is developed including: (1) human, (2) software, (3) hardware, and (4) kinematic components. Each of these components contributes towards the reliability of the system, where reliability is defined as the probability of the end-effector of the manipulator being within a certain error bound. The model provides a comparative measure of reliability based on a combination of two underlying models. A semi-Markov model is used for the human, software, and hardware components, while the kinematic reliability estimates are obtained through a separate simulation. The reliability model developed is not intended to be a predictive model, rather to provide a means of comparing different configurations of a telerobotic system.

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