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Master of Science

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Jack A. Jackson, PhD


The Idaho National Environmental Engineering Laboratory (INEEL), operating in conjunction with the Department of Energy (DOE), faces with the complex decision of selecting an environmental remediation strategy for the Subsurface Disposal Area (SDA) of the Radioactive Waste Management Complex (RWMC). This research uses value-focused thinking and multiattribute preference theory techniques to produce a decision analysis model to aid the decisionmakers as they select a remediation strategy. A deterministic analysis using expert opinion and the best available engineering data demonstrates the model's capabilities. The model ranks 27 specific remediation strategies based on how well they meet CERCLA's five balancing criteria: implementability, short-term effectiveness, long-term effectiveness, reduction of toxicity, mobility, or volume through treatment, and cost. The model allows for sensitivity analysis to display the effects of changes in engineering opinion, the values of the data, and model parameters. Overall, the model provides decision tools that can help the decisionmakers at INEEL make a better informed and better documented decision when choosing a remediation strategy. Furthermore, the model can be easily manipulated and applied by decision makers at other DOE sites.

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