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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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T. Glenn Bailey, PhD


This thesis analyzes the effect Continental United States (CONUS) Time on Station (TOS) has on filling critical rated assignments. A SIMSCRIPT II.5 simulation model of the F15 and F16 pilots assignment process was developed. The simulation tested the effect of changing CONUS TOS from 3 years to 6 years in half year increments. Analysis of the number of unfilled rated assignments from simulation runs of 10 years in length indicated that changing CONUS TOS by itself has no statistically significant effect on model's output. The analysis was expanded to a 2(2) factorial experimental design using CONUS TOS and Total Active Rated Service (TARS) as independent variables, and unfilled assignments and pilots unassigned as the responses. Second-order effects present in the response surfaces then necessitated expanding the original design to fully determine the effect of CONUS TOS and TARS on the Air Force's ability to minimize the number of unfilled assignments and number of pilots without assignments. The final results indicate that CONUS TOS has no effect on filling critical rated assignments while retention has a major effect.

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