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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Jack M. Kloeber, Jr., PhD


The Air Force realizes that the life cycle cost (LCC) associated with hazardous materials is a significant cost in the acquisition of major weapon systems. In trying to mitigate the growth of environmental LCC for future weapon systems, the Air Force has developed a tool called the Hazardous Material Cost Trade-off Analysis Tool (HAZMAT CTAT). The HAZMAT CTAT estimates the LCC for weapon system hazardous materials, so that intelligent decisions can be made in the early stages of the acquisition process. The problem with implementing this program into the acquisition process is that an independent computer model evaluation has never been conducted on the HAZMAT CTAT program. This thesis contains a rigorous computer model evaluation of the HAZMAT CTAT. The evaluation includes a computer model verification study using Decision Program Language (DPL) to verify if the HAZMAT CTAT model and an operational validation study using C-17 historical data to test if the HAZMAT CTAT accurately predicts actual costs.

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