Heon-Gyu Park

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Keith A. Shomper, PhD


There exists a variety of simulation generation and analysis products which have differing purposes and functions designed to simulate a real military battlefield. Due to the particular purpose of each simulation it is impractical to use one scenario of a simulation directly with another simulation without a translator since there is no standard scenario format. In the current environment interoperability between simulations is becoming more important in large scale simulations and distributed exercises. The Scenario File Translator (SFT) provides an easy and accurate way to create a scenario from a heterogeneous simulation. The SFT can load and save the three research simulations: ModSAF EADSIM, and BATTLESIM. It also defines the general transitional prototype (TP) which is the information most commonly used to create a mock battlefield computer simulation. Every source scenario is converted through TP for program extensibility and reusability. System functionality is accessible through a graphical user interface (GUI). Although this system was designed for three simulations it can be applied to any other simulations by creating only the additional functions: one which maps the new scenario to the TP and another which remaps the TP into the transitional scenario protocol.

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