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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Keith A. Shomper, PhD


Traditionally, computer programs to model and simulate air-to-air missile endgame engagements have focused on improving the underlying probability of kill models. This focus, however, understates the benefits of current computer graphics technology for visualization and direct manipulation of missile endgame parameters and building engagement understanding through real-time, three dimensional simulation of the endgame. Our research has been to develop a versatile simulation system to display the missile endgame parameters and allow graphical interaction with these parameters. This program also allows the user to view animated engagements of previously designed endgames. The current project scope is to provide user feedback of multiple fixed cone fuzes, warhead fragment trajectories, and target damage incurred by warhead detonation given a particular set of missile and target endgame encounter parameters. Our implementation, the AFIT Missile Endgame Simulator (AMES), achieves its goals using a Motif/Inventor graphical user interface to change engagement parameters through both text input and direct object manipulation. It also allows these engagements to be animated over time to help develop intuition about the objects' interactions.

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