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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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Paul J. Wolf, PhD


Ba, BaO, Sr and SrO were ablated by 248 nm laser pulses at fluences ranging from 270 mJ-/sq cm to 575 mJ-/sq cm in vacuum and in 25 mtorr atmospheres of N2, O2 and microwave-discharged O2. The spectral emissions of these plumes were compared for indications of ionization due to Ba or Sr collisions with each gas. The addition of a background gas increased the ion and neutral signature across the spectrum. SrO band emission was observed at 16,600-16,900/cm and possible BaO band emissions were observed in the 18,250-18,400/cm, 19,000-19700/cm and 19,800-20,000/cm regions. A screened plate ion probe was use to establish the ion content of the Ba plume. A time of flight study established low-pressure (1 to 35 mtorr) and low-fluence (40 to 160 mJ-/sq cm relationships on Ba(+) velocity and population. Observed ion velocities ranged from 3.1 km/sec. To 4.5 km/sec. Results indicate the addition of a background gas at pressures less than 25 mtorr quenches Ba(+) in the plume and retards the plume expansion.

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