Shaun R. Hick

Date of Award


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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

First Advisor

Michael C. Roggeman, PhD


This research conducted the first demonstrated use of a micro-electro-mechanical structure (MEMS) mirror array to correct a static optical aberration. A well-developed technique in adaptive optics imaging systems uses a deformable mirror to reflect the incident wave front to the imaging stage of the system. By matching the surface of the deformable mirror to the shape of the wave front phase distortion, the reflected wave front will be less aberrated before it is imaged. Typical adaptive optics systems use piezo-electric actuated deformable mirrors. This research used an electrostatically actuated, segmented mirror array, constructed by standard MEMS fabrication techniques, to investigate its performance as a deformable mirror. The relatively cheap cost of MEMS fabrication promises new adaptive optics applications if a suitable design can be found. In the demonstration, the point spread function (PSF) of the corrected and uncorrected aberrated image were compared. A 43 percent improvement in the peak intensity of the PSF was noted in the corrected image.

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