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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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David E. Weeks, PhD


Si/Si1-xGex MQW Infrared Photodetectors offer the promise of normal incidence photodetection tunable over the range of 3-12 micrometers wavelength range at temperatures above 40 K. This system is attractive because the Si1-xGex offers greater compatibility with existing Si based signal processing circuitry. Band structures, momentum matrix elements and linear absorption coefficients are computed using a Luftinger-Kohn k/p analysis for Si/Si1-xGex quantum wells grown in the 110 direction. The absorption coefficient as a function of energy and wavelength is calculated by two methods: a delta function fit to intersubband transitions, and a Lorentzian fit to intersubband transitions. Calculations were performed for parallel as well as normally incident radiation and the resulting absorption spectra are in good agreement with experimental observations.

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