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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Operational Sciences

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Dennis C. Dietz, PhD


A single-chain nested fork-join queuing network (FJQN) model of mobility airfield ground processing is proposed. In order to analyze the queuing network model, advances on two fronts are made. First, a general technique for decomposing nested FJQNs with probabilistic forks is proposed, which consists of incorporating feedback loops into the embedded Markov chain of the synchronization station, then using Marie's Method to decompose the network. Numerical studies show this strategy to be effective, with less than two percent relative error in the approximate performance measures in most realistic cases. The second contribution is the identification of a quick, efficient method for solving for the stationary probabilities of the λn/Ck/r/N queue. Unpreconditioned Conjugate Gradient Squared is shown to be the method of choice in the context of decomposition using Marie's Method, thus broadening the class of networks where the method is of practical use. The mobility airfield model is analyzed using the strategies described above, and accurate approximations of airfield performance measures are obtained in a fraction of the time needed for a simulation study. The proposed airfield modeling approach is especially effective for quick-look studies and sensitivity analysis.

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