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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Engineering Physics

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Glen P. Perram, PhD


The infrared spectra and photochemistry of nitrosyl bromide, BrNO, are important to characterizing the performance of a recently demonstrated Br(2P1/2)-NO(v=2 → v=1) transfer laser pumped by photolysis of iodine molecules. This wavelength agile, mid-infrared laser may be a desirable source for remote sensing and infrared countermeasures missions. Nitrosyl bromide also plays a role in the destruction of stratospheric ozone. The kinetics of BrNO formation and destruction were examined using time-resolved photolysis techniques. The equilibrium constant for the dark reaction Br2 + 2NO (reversible reaction) 2BrNO was determined as Keq 168 ± 23 /atm and the rate constant for the forward reaction as kf = 1.40 ± .18 x 10-38 cm6 /molecule2-s at 293K. A novel technique for the fitting of the observed time profiles to the three-body kinetics was developed which utilizes the complete temporal profile to establish the rate coefficients.

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