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This study is a first step in formalizing CRM training as part of Undergraduate Space and Missile Training (USMT) and individual Unit Training thereby capitalizing on techniques already developed and in place for pilots. We evaluated the usefulness of two modified versions of existing CRM measures. Because an attitude measure is easier to implement, this study analyzes the use of an established flight crew attitude measure, the Cockpit Management Attitudes Questionnaire (CMAQ), and a modified version of the Air Force Mobility Command AMC Form 128, March 1995. We conducted the study in two phases. Phase 1 dealt only with Space Operations crews. Phase 2 dealt with the participants of the Guardian Challenge Competition. The data collected seem to indicate that beyond using Assertiveness, attitude measures are a poor indicator of whether or not an individual crewman will successfully utilize CRM in the Space/Missile Operations environment. The Form 128 may still serve as a guide for designing a CRM evaluation sheet for Space/Missile crews, but the sheet does not seem well suited as a self-assessment sheet to be used by individuals. Lastly, the Air Force needs to train young enlisted Space Operators to be more assertive with senior enlisted and officers.

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