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This study explores what Information Resource Management (IRM) skills are required as perceived by the Air Force officers performing IRM duties. The following questions set the stage for this research: (1) What does current literature say about the required skills needed for IRM professionals? (2) What IRM skills do officers in the field perceive as important to the IRM mission? (3) What is the primary source of any IRM training received by the officers? (4) How adequate was this training, if any? The results suggest that Air Force officers have a grasp of IRM concepts and know what skills are necessary to perform the mission successfully. This study also revealed that formal training received by the officers is adequate or better. This completes two pieces of the puzzle: (1) What skills are needed to complete the mission, and (2) The formal methods of training are effective and adequate. The third piece of the puzzle has not been realized. More people need access to formal training sources. It does not matter how good the training is if no one has the opportunity to attend. As the Air Force leads the way into the information age, people must be trained to manage the criticality resource information.

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Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management of the Air Force Institute of Technology