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The research objective was to provide a preliminary understanding of how USAF computer users perceive the ethical considerations of computer networks and how the USAF is addressing ethical issues of networked environments. A survey was undertaken to explore questions of ethics in the use of information networks. The literature review explored issues of ethics in the private sector and USAF guidance regarding use of official government resources. The sample population consisted of military members stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Ohio. The responses regarding certain attitudes about behaviors and actions in a networked environment were consistent overall. A significant difference was observed between seven responses that addressed the issues of information privacy, unauthorized access, use of government software in the home, and personal use of government networks. Regardless of grade, age or level of command, respondents generally responded in a similar manner to different situations. The findings suggest that USAF members are aware of ethical considerations in networked environments. The results also indicate USAF management is attuned with the professional community pertaining to the guidance provided to USAF members.

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Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management of the Air Force Institute of Technology.

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