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Master of Science

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Craig M. Brandt, PhD


In recent years there has been a worldwide resurgence of ethnic nationalism as ethnic minorities have seen in this ethnic differentiation a better way to increase their political power within the states where they reside. Spain is a complex country divided into a number of contrasting regions with widely varying economic and social structures as well as different historical, political, and cultural traditions that includes different languages. This extreme complexity is related to its national diversity and also to the political and social articulation of nationalist claims within the state. This study arrives at five conclusions. First, Basque and Catalan nationalism is an example to follow by other regions in order to get a higher level of self-government. Second, the possession of a different language is the most important factor of distinctiveness. Third, the economic situation is closely related to the resurgence of peripheral nationalism. Fourth, the present political configuration, although supported by the majority of population, could be easily transformed into a federal state. Finally, peripheral nationalism does not affect the national security because of the lack of internal and external support to the nationalist movements that employ violence as the means to reach their political goals.

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