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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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W. Brent Nixon, PhD


The Air Force began operations of a Hazardous Material Pharmacy (HMP) in the late 80s. This thesis identifies causes of positive and negative perceptions of the HMP among its customers. Focus groups were used to determine customer perceptions. Several Total Quality Management (TQM) tools were used in this analysis. Brainstorming was used to generate customer perceptions. Affinity diagrams were used to group data into meaningful categories. Interrelationship digraphs were used to determine influence among causes of perception and to rank the causes of perception. This study showed that lack of clear policy and support of the HMP were the leading causes of negative perception of the HMP. No category of positive perception was determined to be most significant. Additionally, the areas of information flow, training, continuity, support, and personnel issues within the HMP represent possible areas for improvement.

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