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Master of Science


This study analyzed aircraft inspection data to determine if quality enhancements were realized after an Action Workout (AWO) was accomplished. Pretest and post-test assessment data from three separate units were analyzed to determine whether overall quality improvements were made. This study operationally defined quality in terms of Quality Verification Assessment ratings compiled before and after each AWO event. Comparisons were made to determine if overall quality improved, declined, or remained unchanged. Parametric t-tests and nonparametric chi-square analyses were used to determine the significance of any differences between the pretest and post-test data sets. The results provide plausible evidence that quality enhancements can be realized as a result of Action Workouts. Results at two of the three units analyzed indicate that overall quality of major aircraft inspection processes improved considerably, possibly as a result of the Action Workout intervention. Results at the third site, however, remained essentially unchanged. The evidence also suggests that many of the changes and improvement ideas implemented during the AWO are seemingly intact and being utilized by respective maintenance personnel. This may also indicate process owner "buy-in" and acceptance of change, two essential principles of quality improvement. This research establishes a firm foundation for future research efforts.

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Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management of the Air Force Institute of Technology