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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Michael L. Shelley, PhD


The relationship between attitudes and behavior is investigated in regard to the reduction of solid waste in a community. The theory of reasoned action, as identified by Ajzen and Fishbein in 1975, is investigated using as system dynamics approach. The closed loop system structure that would produce the expected real world response is established. The structure is then translated into a flow diagram and coded into a mathematical model. The model quantifies the values of beliefs, attitudes, intentions, behaviors, external and demographic variables, perceptions, and waste generation levels in order to illustrate how each changes over time when influenced by other variables. The model is tested to verify a model response in agreement with the expected outcome. Finally, suggestions of possible uses of the model are illustrated and discussed. Possible uses include investigating the relative weights of the demographic and external variables, investigating responses to different policies, testing other attitude behavior theories, and guiding future research in attitude behavior theory.

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