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Despite beliefs in the benefits of good Information Resources Management (IRM) practices, executives still find their organizations plagued by outdated, inconsistent, and unavailable information. This information is often stored in disparate, standalone systems spread throughout the business. The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) fails to reap the synergistic benefits of shared information despite its bounty of information systems and proclamations for IRM principles. Previous researcher postulated that this disconnect may be explained, in part, by an ownership attitude at the functional level. Empirical evidence gathered from a survey of AFIT's members failed to support Plant's hypothesis. Exploratory factor analysis of the data revealed three constructs that may help explain information sharing from the individual's point of view. In addition, a model of factors that contribute to information sharing is proposed.

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Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management of the Air Force Institute of Technology