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The 1994 National Space Transportation Policy designates the roles of the DoD, NASA and the Departments of Transportation and Commerce to identify and promote innovative types of arrangements between the U.S. government and the private sector in order to reduce the cost to access space. DoD, civil and commercial industry leaders agree that the price to access space is currently exorbitantly expensive. The solution to this expense, which the United States Government is relying upon, is the commercialization of space transportation technology. This research focuses on investigating the industry and policy commercialization trends which led to the 1994 NSTP, and reports on compliance with the policy. Through policy literature review, case study analysis and interviews, the impact of the National Space Transportation Policy on commercializing space transportation is determined. Research focuses on space transportation participants who have done the most to shape the commercialization policy over the past decade. Results indicate that the 1988-1994 period, leading to the 1994 NSTP, was shaped by the NASA and DoD stakeholders' assertions for expanded bureaucratic control of the nation's space transportation resources. After the 1994 NSTP, in the period of 1995-1998, the commercialization of space technology has been increasing slowly, with innovative arrangements evolving each year.

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