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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Charles Bleckmann, PhD


Airports have found that spent deicing fluids eventually reach the airfield's stormwater system and soil surrounding the airfield. Due to toxic effects of spent deicing fluids, containing and collecting the fluid for treatment can be a very costly activity for airports. One alternative to dispose of the used deicing fluid is to institute a land treatment system if it can be proven that the deicing fluid is readily biodegradable in a soil system. The primary concern of this research effort was to monitor the behavior of a simulated aircraft deicing fluid in various soil systems. An automated respirometer monitored the behavior of the microbial activity in soil that was contaminated with aircraft deicing fluid (ADF). Reapplication of the contaminant to the soil, one time soil loading variations and a lime additive analyzed in an attempt to maximize the bioctegradation of the contaminant.

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