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Master of Science

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Cassie Vickery, Major, USAF


This thesis examines the use of decision support system (DSS) technology within the U.S. Air Force's contracting source selection process. DSS technology has been shown to be an effective aid to complex decision processes such as source selection decisions and the possible effects of utilizing this technology are the focus of this study. Conclusions drawn from this thesis may guide the contracting community to readdress the possibility of implementing DSS technology within the source selection process. This study evaluated statistical data from a previous experiment to determine the effect of DSS use on time, confidence, and decision quality. This study also included interviews of individuals involved in the source selecti9n process to determine their perceptions of DSS technology. It was found that the perception of DSS technology within the source selection community has improved within the last five years. It was also found that source selection experts foresee DSS implementation within the source selection process within the near future. In fact, the source selection experts interviewed believed that group DSS would provide the greatest benefit to the process. Possible explanations and implications of this discovery are provided.

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Thesis presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisitions Management.