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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Raymond R. Hill, PhD


BRAWLER is a high resolution air to air combat simulation model used for engagement level analyses of few on few air combat. It uses a value driven decision logic to help simulate pilot behavior. In order to account for varied pilot skill levels, BRAWLER has defined three skill levels; Rookie, Pilot, and Ace. A Rookie can track up to three aircraft in its mental model, the Pilot, up to five aircraft, while an Ace has no limit. Further, each skill level varies the amount of time before a known aircraft, which has not been recently observed, is purged from the pilot's mental model (i.e., memory time). Past analyses using BRAWLER have exclusively used Ace pilots. This thesis focuses on the effects due to pilot skill level in air to air combat by using different combinations of Rookie, Pilot, and Ace skill levels in the BRAWLER air to air engagement model.

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