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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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T. Glenn Bailey, PhD


A Blue Ribbon Commission report to the Air Force Chief of Staff in February 1997 makes several specific recommendations on the conduct of Operational Readiness Inspections. This thesis develops a solution to one of the recommendations of that report; utilize scientifically based sampling techniques to reduce the footprint of the inspection on an evaluated unit. Acceptance sampling, common in industry, is developed for use in the environment of the Operational Readiness Inspection. The time saved from this more efficient sampling practice reduces Inspector General time at an evaluation, decreases the footprint, and answers the specific recommendations of the Blue Ribbon Commission. This thesis explains the construction of acceptance sampling plans and procedures. The changes to the Operational Readiness Inspection for effective application of acceptance sampling are defined and the automatic computation of acceptance plans through a computer spreadsheet application is accomplished. A validation is provided with the results from applying these techniques to an actual Operational Readiness Inspection at Cannon AFB, NM. Acceptance sampling has proven itself in the world of industry in international and military standards. This proven practice, simple in concept, can produce more credible and convincing results in any inspected area selected for sampling.

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Co-authored thesis.