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Master of Science in Engineering Management

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C. Terry Clark, PhD

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Charles Fenno, PhD


This research was sponsored to develop a method of evaluating the productivity of Air Force Fire Departments. Using the tasks developed by the Fire Department Workshop, input and output measures were defined and used in a new model of efficiency called Constrained Facet Analysis (CFA). The advantage of this methodology over others considered was that it can simultaneously evaluate multiple inputs and multiple outputs using empirical data with no a priori weighting. The results of the analysis provided an efficiency rating for each fire department and information about marginal rates of substitution and marginal rates of productivity for inefficient units based on their efficiency frontiers. Though the current CFA model has some dimensioning limitations that affected the depth of analysis available, the resulting evaluations gave a better indication of the real efficiency of individual fire departments than methods currently used and also gave better comparative information to be used in budgeting and resource allocation decisions.

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Col. (Ret.) Suzanne M. Waylette is a recipient of the AFIT Distinguished Alumni Award. (Presented in October 2022).

Co-authored thesis.
Sourced from the DTIC archival scan of microfiche. Best digital copy available at this time.