Analysis of Turbulence Models as Applied to Two- and Three-Dimensional Injection Flows

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Philip S. Beran, PhD


A steady state solution of the full, three dimensional Favre averaged Navier Stokes equations, coupled with a second order Reynolds stress turbulence model (RSTM) and an eddy viscosity model were used to numerically simulate oblique injection into supersonic flow. Numerical results were compared to experimental data and the turbulence models were evaluated for accurate prediction of thermomechanical mean flow variables, Reynolds stresses, flowfield shock structure and boundary layer phenomena. The RSTM simulation resulted in physically consistent and accurate predictions for the mean flow and turbulent quantities. Simulations with the eddy viscosity model resulted in non-physical and inconsistent turbulence predictions. RSTM simulations were used to categorize the regions of the barrel shock and identify the shock expansion mechanisms which generate vortical motion in and around the jet plume. Two distinct vortex pairs associated with plume expansion and injectant mixing were identified. These were the recompression shock induced vortices located within the plume and jet induced vortices located outside of the plume.

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