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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Operational Sciences

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Richard F. Deckro, PhD


Conflict has sadly been a constant part of history. Winning a conflict and making a lasting peace are often not the same thing. While a peace treaty ends a conflict and often dictates terms from the winners’ perspective, it may not create a lasting peace. Short of unconditional surrender, modern conflict ends with a negotiated cessation of hostilities. Such accords may have some initial reconstruction agreements, but Reconciliation, Restoration and Reconstruction (RRR) is a long term process. This study maintains that to achieve a lasting peace: 1) The culture and beliefs of the conflict nation must be continuously considered and 2) RRR is a long term effort which will occur over years not just in the immediate wake of signing a treaty or agreement. To assure the inclusion of all stakeholders and gain the best results in dealing with this “wicked problem”, an array of Operations Research techniques can be used to support the long term planning and execution of a RRR effort. The final decisions will always be political, but the analysis provided by an OR support team will guide the decision makers to better execute consensus decisions that consider all stakeholder needs. The development of the value hierarchy framework in this dissertation is a keystone of building a rational OR supported long term plan for a successful RRR. The primary aim of the research is to propose a framework and associated set of guidelines derived from appropriate techniques of OR, Decision Analysis and Project Management (right from development of a consensus based value hierarchy to its implementation, feedback and steering corrections) that may be applied to help RRR efforts in any conflict ridden country across the globe. The framework is applicable to any conflict ridden country after incorporating changes particular to any country witnessing a prolonged conflict.

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