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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Andrew Terzuoli, PhD


High power microwaves (HPM) have been a topic of research since the Cold War era. This paper will present a comparison between two Cassegrain-type antennas: the axially, or center fed, and the offset fed. Specifically, the 10 GHz operating frequency will be investigated with large focal length to diameter () ratios. Beam patterns which encompass the entire radiation pattern will be included for data validation and optimization. The simulations will follow a design of experiments factorial model to ensure all possible combinations of prescribed parameters are included, including an analysis of variance (ANOVA) study to find parameter influence on the outputs of interest. Outputs such as maximum gain, beamwidth, and sidelobe levels and locations will be of interest. Research in this specific area is lacking in quantity and will greatly enhance the sponsor’s understanding of the benefits and disadvantages of the two antennas mentioned.

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