Date of Award


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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Engineering Physics

First Advisor

Christopher A. Lenyk, PhD


Increased interest in developing new nonlinear optical materials has led to 3rd generation materials, such as BaGa4Se7 and LiB3O5. These two nonlinear optical crystals have the potential to enable development of tunable lasers operating across the mid-wave infrared and the ultraviolet regions, respectively. Coherent light sources are used in the development of enhanced technologies with commercial and defense-based applications such as: health and environmental monitoring devices, next-generation infrared countermeasures, and ballistic missile booster exhaust plume characterization. The performance of optical materials in high-powered military applications is largely limited by the presence of defects. These defects adversely affect performance through unwanted optical absorption, resulting in the buildup of excess heat, causing material deterioration or complete failure. High-sensitivity and high-resolution experimental techniques, such as electron paramagnetic resonance, enable identification and characterization of defects in materials. In partnership and cooperation with U.S. industrial crystal growth companies, this information is shared, improving material quality and performance.

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