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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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Daniel J. Emmons, PhD


The feasibility of using GPS data to detect fireballs is analyzed by first modeling the fireball’s trail diffusion and plasma chemistry to get a resulting ion density profile of the trail over time. The signal perturbation caused by the fireball trail is simulated for a ground receiver using an analytic solution for diffraction from a Gaussian lens. Five cases were modeled with varying initial peak ion densities and altitudes taken from fireball and reentry vehicle data. This paper shows that it is feasible to detect a fireball trail using GPS if the fireball has a sufficiently high initial ion density, above approximately 1018 m-3, and occurs at an altitude above approximately 75 km. For the five cases the amplitude scintillation index, S4, and phase scintillation index, σɸ , values of the signal for the last detectable ion density profile were calculated.

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