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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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Darren E. Holland, PhD


Discrepancies were found between the legacy CSGs and the new UMs with the latter's introduction in MCNP6. As such, V&V of UMs in MCNP must be conducted to assist in their further development and increase user confidence in them. Currently, the MCNP test suite is lacking in UM benchmarks, and of the few that are present, their range in problem type is limited. To address these issues, two preliminary test cases covering new applications of UMs were developed for future inclusion in the test suite. The first was for the Athena-I experiment which involved the study of electronic devices' responses to nuclear threat representative neutron environments, and the second involved modeling photon shielding capabilities for a deformed copper plate. Both had complex geometries to highlight the strengths of UM models which yielded results in agreement with their respective CSG counterparts and experimental data

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