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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Engineering Physics

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James E. Bevins, PhD


Nuclear reaction data are the heart of radiation transport calculations, models, and simulations. Unique approaches are required to improve the measurement capability for many reactions where data are inaccurate or do not exist. First, the newly developed Gamma Energy Neutron Energy Spectrometer for Inelastic Scattering (GENESIS) provides the ability to measure neutron inelastic scattering cross sections on different targets. An initial experiment measuring the 16O(n,n’𝛾) reaction calculated the count rate from the second excited state using the full energy and escape peaks. Second, a set of photocurable scintillator resin formulations capable of neutron-gamma discrimination were developed to support light-based 3D printing applications for advanced nuclear physics measurements. The formulations resulted in hard, clear, PSD-capable plastic scintillators that cured within 10 seconds using 405 nm light, produced a light yield up to 83% of EJ-276, and a pulse shape discrimination figure of merit of 1.28 at 450-550 keVee. Lastly, a fast neutron beam facility was established to improve thermal-neutron sensitive experiments by designing and installing a tungsten collimator that reduced the thermal neutron background by ~778x.

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