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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Michael D. Seal, PhD


Magnetic Flux Channels (MFC) and Magneto-Dielectric Wire Antennas (MDWA) are effective, and in some cases, superior alternatives to traditional metallic antennas, in conformal and electrically small applications at the cost of fabrication and feed complexity. The frequency dispersive nature of magnetic material constituent parameters imposes constraints on the antenna design process, which were not fully developed in prior art. This research quantifies the key differences between the operating regions of magneto-dielectric materials for antenna applications and demonstrates the effectiveness of numerical method augmented modal analysis in the design process, regardless of operating region. Modeling challenges associated with MDWAs are addressed leading to novel full wave modeling results for antennas designed in accordance with early MDWA design law. The results clarify the limitations of certain prior art in the recommended design process, and provide needed support for later-art material selection and design recommendations.

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