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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Joseph A. Curro, PhD


GPS has proven to be an extremely valuable asset for navigation, and timing. GPS has become the standard navigation system for all applications, but GPS has limitations. GPS is susceptible to jamming, spoofing, and in the case of hypersonic aircraft, is likely unavailable. When an aircraft is traveling at hypersonic speeds, there is a plasma sheath that surrounds the aircraft. This plasma sheath blocks electromagnetic waves, and is therefore responsible for a GPS blackout. GPS unavailability for hypersonic aircraft has prompted the research into the viability of alternate navigation systems for these aircraft. This paper seeks to explore the viability of MagNav for hypersonic aircraft. Hypersonic aircraft present new challenges for MagNav including: high altitudes, high speeds, large scale map availability, and new noise sources. This paper explores these challenges to determine if any poses an insurmountable problem. Simulations are conducted to explore the potential performance of MagNav on a hypersonic vehicle. These simulations conclude that MagNav is viable on a hypersonic aircraft.

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