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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Bryan D. Little, PhD


In the backdrop of an expansion into cislunar space and a digital transformation, the author synthesizes a methodology from agile system development, DE, ME, and MBSE processes, methods, and tools to develop a basic RA and DT for cislunar SDA mission and system design. The Agile DME methodology is used to conduct basic requirements analysis, develop a concept, understand cislunar physics, study scenario geometries, and perform analyses and the DT implements, executes, and accelerates research by integrating a descriptive tool with analytical and simulation tools. This research demonstrates the value of automated Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis (MSA) work flows and how DE can aid in meeting the DoD's vision to prioritize speed of delivery within rapidly changing operational environments, on limited budgets, and in short timelines using a model-analyze-build methodology.

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