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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Tay Johannes, PhD


The United States Air Force needs to ensure its Airmen are receiving the best possible education so that they can perform their jobs as effectively as possible. One way to improve the evaluation and development of its Airmen is to incorporate the use of competencies to develop standards for performance and use competency-based education principles to improve the quality of education delivered to the Airmen. One of the educational centers of the United States Air Force is The Civil Engineer School. However, The Civil Engineer School needs a way to evaluate its current coursework on how well it develops competencies in Airmen and a way to create curriculums for future educational programs that focus on development of a particular competency profile. This research accomplishes both of those tasks by using the building block of competency models, descriptors. By deriving from the principles of competencies and competency-based education evaluation criteria, a methodology for determining competency development from a course is created by relating the coursework to the competency model’s descriptors. Once the descriptors have been related to coursework, an optimization tool can be used to develop curriculums based on a given competency The Civil Engineer School desires to develop. This research provides one such tool, using Microsoft Excel to determine the curriculum that meets the desired competency development in the shortest time using existing coursework or to build a new course that accomplishes the desired competency development in the shortest time using existing coursework.

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