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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Michael E. Miller, PhD


The current method of preparing Airman to perform tasks in their designated Air Force Specialty is to provide coursework-based initial skills training and on-the job training (OJT) for that specialty. Full qualification for a single Air Force Specialty is estimated to average seven years with OJT consisting of seventy-five percent of that timeline. OJT primarily consists of mastering the use of the Technical Order (TO), a governing document that provides step-by-step task instruction that must be followed explicitly. Though TOs have transitioned to an electronic format, employment of the information has remained the same. A proven aid in instruction and task accomplishment is Augmented Reality (AR). A transition to an AR supported TO system has the potential to aid in training and performance in operational environments by providing multisensory support to Airmen. An AR platform may also expand the scope of Airmen beyond a single Air Force Specialty, providing capability that directly supports Agile Combat Employment concepts. This thesis presents a Model-Based Systems Engineering designed reference architecture for an AR maintenance support system. To provide a relevant example, the system architecture focuses on flightline aircraft maintenance training and operations.

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