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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Jeremy R. Slagley, PhD


The surveillance and detection of radioactive contamination on surfaces and in the environment are commonly investigated by surveyors utilizing portable detection equipment. The availability of Discrete Event Simulation (DES) and Human Performance Modeling (HPM) allows for the analysis of physical and cognitive processes associated with these operations, as well as the effect that external environmental factors have on surveyor performance. This research uses the Improved Performance Research Integration Tool (IMPRINT) to approximate the performance of a radiological detection task informed by the observation of six surveyors. The effects of chemical Individual Protective Equipment (IPE) use is evaluated along with the effects of elevated ambient environmental temperatures. Along with the development of a novel human performance model for the surveillance task, results of this study predict up to a 33 increase in survey completion time when chemical IPE is worn and up to a 50 decrease in surveyor efficiency from the effects of elevated ambient temperatures. Overall, this study represents the novel use of a DES to model the cognitive and physical tasks associated with radiological surveillance activities and the impacts from key physical and environmental stressors.

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