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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Douglas D. Hodson, PhD


DIS is a legacy IEEE standard for defining and structuring PDUs in large scale distributed wargames. Although the standard specifies various QoS appropriate for certain PDUs, a one-size-fits-all transport strategy is traditionally employed via UDP. Since the inception of DIS, the OMG has produced a standard for a DDS which has been implemented by several middleware vendors. DDS middleware offers an abstraction for network communications that allows applications and developers to easily employ configurable QoS by topic. Adoption and use of these QoS in DIS applications may introduce greater compliance with the IEEE standard and enrich the service features available to distributed wargames and their developers. In this thesis, current use cases of DIS and DDS are examined. The cost, network burden, and performance of DDS is measured and analyzed through experimentation and support DDS’s eligibility to promote greater compliance with the IEEE standard for DIS.

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