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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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James M. Sattler, PhD


The Department of Defense and the commercial sector rely on coherent light sources to emit light that transmits through the atmosphere. Nonlinear optical effects in crystalline materials can be used to generate the laser waves, but certain nonlinear effects negatively impact the performance of laser generating materials. This thesis focuses on characterizing nonlinear optical properties for gallium arsenide phosphide ternary compounds and for tin thiohypodiphosphate. The Maker Fringe experiment is used to determine the d-coefficients of the materials, which describe the magnitude of the nonlinear response of the material. The Z-Scan experiment is used to calculate the nonlinear refractive index and the two photon absorption of the material. This thesis summarizes the pertinent theory surrounding nonlinear optics and the characterization experiments. The Maker Fringe experiment was constructed and verified as a part of this thesis, allowing the setup to be used for future research. The gallium arsenide phosphide ternary compounds were demonstrated to be able to frequency convert. Sn2P2S6 was demonstrated to not have appreciable two photon absorption at 1550 nm.

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