Joseph R. Lay

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Master of Science in Systems Engineering


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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John M. Colombi, PhD


The Air Combat Command (ACC) Inspector General (IG) assesses the operational readiness and combat effectiveness of units by evaluating individual wings. Today's conflicts; however, are waged as a joint force. The Joint Forces Commander (JFC) leverages the resources of the entire military complex to achieve strategic objectives. The synergistic effects, created by the integration of individual weapon systems, produce greater results than the individual components. Evaluating wings outside the joint System of Systems (SoS) architecture does not provide a true assessment of combat readiness. Using a case study method, this research examines the idea of integrating a joint SoS architecture with the ACC/IG inspection system. First, this study assesses the current nature of military operations and the risks associated with joint operations. Next, it defines several joint attributes to enhance the ACC/IG inspection checklist. Further, it outlines several joint exercises as areas for implement a joint inspection system. Finally, this study explores limitations and counter arguments to adopting a joint SoS into the inspection system. Based on this analysis, the ACC/IG should assess units through a larger system-ofsystem framework, which offers the possibility to reduce integration risks prior to deployment, and provide a better assessment of wing readiness

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