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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Michael Garee, PhD


Customers at Military Personnel Flights (MPFs) have been experiencing long wait times. These customers are typically employees of the United States Air Force and every moment spent waiting for service is a moment they are away from their actual jobs. By reducing the mean wait time of MPF customers, manhours can be saved and customer complaints may be alleviated. This research uses data collected from an MPF to build a discrete-event simulation model of an MPF. A full factorial experimental design was conducted in the model using five factors. The factors included the total number of employees, the total number of terminals designated for walk-in customers, the total number of terminals designated for appointment customers, the minimum number of employees working during lunch, and different appointment policies. The outputs of the experiment were used to generate regression models that estimate the mean wait time for walk-in and appointment customers. The analysis showed that the number of employees working has the largest impact on mean wait times when compared against other factors.

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