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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Steven T. Lofgren, PhD


The organizational structure of the civil engineer squadron's operations flight has undergone numerous changes over the last fifty years. Today the structure of the flight to the element level is mandated by Air Force Instructions; however, each unit is given the flexibility to organize below the element level. Most civil engineer units are struggling through the decision of how to organize their flights without a sound methodology to guide their efforts. Providing such a methodology is the objective of this thesis. To accomplish the objective, the history behind the operations flight structure was researched. In addition to this historical research, the current Air Force guidance was investigated for information concerning the structure, goals, and mission of the operations flight. With this background information at hand, a decision analysis methodology was developed to assist in the evaluation of organizational strategies. This methodology was tested at Wright-Patterson AFB and implemented at Little Rock AFB. The result of this thesis effort is a decision analysis methodology that injects a dose of clarity and order into an otherwise cloudy and subjective decision problem. This methodology enables a comprehensive analysis of the decision problem while remaining flexible enough to accommodate the uniqueness of every unit.

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