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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Steven T. Lofgren, PhD


Environmental management research investigates environmental and ecological practices in organizations. Environmental strategy models or typologies are developed to classify organizations according to their environmental and ecological practices. Past research for environmental management strategy has focused on the profit sector versus the public sector. Drivers such as market and financial forces may not be as evident in the public sector as they are in the profit sector. This research explored environmental management strategies in public sector organizations. An environmental management strategy typology was developed to investigate the structural aspects of organizations. The typology and respective instruments were used in a case study of the U.S. Air Force. Document reviews and personal interviews were utilized to effect the categorization in the case study. Of the five developed strategies (inactive, reactively compliant, proactively compliant, preventive, and assertive), the study found environmental policies, goals and objectives, and funding to have a strategic response of proactively compliant. Environmental training and management structure were found to have a strategic response of preventive.

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