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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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W. Brent Nixon, PhD


Air Force members have three different housing choices: live in MFH, rent in the local community, or buy a house in the local community. A set of six constructs (Housing Attributes, Safety, Pet Importance, Location, Military Housing Perception, and Community) that encompass members' considerations is developed and analyzed. The data was extracted from a survey that was specifically designed to illicit the relative importance of each construct during the housing decision making process. Each construct was measured using a Likert scale score. Statistical analysis was performed to determine the overall Likert mean score for each construct. Using the Likert mean scores from each construct, a regression analysis was performed to determine a predictive model for Air Force member's housing choice (actual housing choice, or preferred housing choice). Not all members are living in their preferred housing choice. Almost 50% of members living in MFH prefer to live in the local community. Knowing the importance that Air Force members place on each construct will aid the Air Force in the future design of MFH projects. The ability to predict members' choices will give the Air Force a forward looking approach to MFH by allowing them to respond to future needs base on the predictive model.

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