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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Steven T. Lofgren, PhD


The United States Air Force (USAF) is committed to assessing environmental compliance; this is achieved in the USAF through the Environmental Compliance Assessment Management Program (ECAMP). These ECAMP audits are designed strictly to assess compliance performance at one point-in-time. They are not intended to assess underlying environmental management systems. This study provides insight into the USAF Environmental Management System (EMS) through a textual analysis of ECAMP data. The analysis discovers eleven categories that emerged from the data: performance, communication, documentation, coordination, training, guidance, notification, resource, human resource, material resource, and financial resource. These categories display a hierarchical relationship. This hierarchical structure exhibits more categories in communication-related definitions. The evidence suggests that the communication-related category accounts for the largest number of environmental compliance deficiencies. This study indicates that assessors should be provided training that enables them to document environmental audit findings in a manner that allows the data to be used to understand and improve existing EMSs.

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