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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Henry B. Potoczny, PhD


In dynamic data environments, the large volume of transactions requires flexible control structures to effectively balance the flow of information between producers and consumers. Information dissemination-based systems, using both data push and pull delivery mechanisms, provide a possible scalable solution for data-intensive applications. In this research, a methodology is proposed to capture information dissemination design features in the form of active database rules to effectively control dynamic data applications. As part of this design methodology, information distribution properties are analyzed, data dissemination mechanisms are transformed into an active rule framework, and the desired reactive behavior is achieved through rule customization. The methodology is applied to dynamic data test case scenarios to demonstrate the design of dissemination-based active rules. The results of applying the methodology to test case scenarios demonstrated that encapsulating information dissemination concepts into active rule structures could provide flexible database control strategies for dynamic data applications.

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